Customer Testimonials

"Being a veteran of martial arts, "Strong Man" training and years of brutal logging, tree falling and hard living, I am riddled with old injuries and scar tissues here and there. Pulled tendons, torn and connective tissues. Ultimate PAIN Fighter addresses inflammation so I can resume training..." 
Kelby S., Professional Athlete 

Weight Training

I had a severe back injury 3 years ago that caused me to have to retire from my massage practice. I've had massage, have seen chiropractors, and orthopedic doctors. I've had x-rays, MRIs, injections, decompression treatments and many drugs that I could barely function with. I could barely stand and was unable to walk any distance during this past painful time. A friend introduced me to this product and I must say I am absolutely amazed! Within a few seconds of applying this oil, the pain was nearly gone! If I hadn't tried it, I would never have believed it. I will never be without it ever again. Thank you so much for the wonderful, natural product.                                               Susan H.


"I use U.P.F.™ for my tendinitis and fibromyalgia but I also find it very effective on my sinus inflammation and carpal tunnel pain... it helps me feel better right away which allows me to be more active and do the yoga that I can't do while in pain... I can even use it on my face."

                                  -Bridget B., Washington


"After U.P.F.  is applied immediately the pain decreases and becomes more bearable. It has helped a lot of people overcome the pain after a chiropractic adjustment."
-Dr. Donna L., Chiropractor

"The oil seems to be working great, tried it in a bath Friday and Saturday night and slept 9 hours straight on Saturday with no leg cramps - it was wonderful! Thank you so much! "            - Janiece C.

"We love the product and use it for all our aches and pains."                - Mike D.


"I have been using Ultimate PAIN Fighter for a couple of years now. I have a third degree burn that takes up 22% of my body and I have a lot of nerve damage. I started to use it for that and it helped soooooo much. The meds out there for nerve pain are horrendous so it was amazing to find an organic option that smells really great too. I love it so much I use it for headaches and cramps now too.  My grandmother has a lot of pain in her hands and I bought it for her for christmas and she says it is the best thing she has found so far!"                       -Parham B., North Carolina

Senior Excercise

"Thank you Ultimate PAIN Fighter for me, being able to have my life back. After going through shots of prednisone in my neck for vertigo and pain 8 months of acupuncture, and chiropractic adjustments, prescription medication, I was blessed to find the Ultimate PAIN Fighter. Daily use on my neck and head has given relief that has taken away the pain allowing me to function with focus and energy."                                                                                                                                             -Ron M.


"I'm quite impressed with your product. What it did for my shoulder is remarkable! I'd like to try it on my lower back and see what it does for that chronic, recurring issue."                                                        -Jim G., Dive Master

"This all-natural pain fighter truly works and smells delicious! I use it daily for various aches & pains, and I am often complimented on how good it smells. Thank you Ultimate Pain Fighter for creating this product & your hard work!"                 
-Raeann F., Utah              

"I stumbled upon U.P.F.   by mistake. I was given a free sample by a store cashier. I took it home and it sat on my dresser for over 6 months. While cleaning, I was about to toss it in the trash. I had been having hip pain for over 6 weeks. So I opened the tiny tube and applied it. To my surprise, I noticed that my hip pain was gone within a very short time. I did not expect this! It was a wonderful miracle. I immediately got online and placed an order for three of their products.


My husband is also using it now with pain relieving benefits. Thank you U.P.F.  We are so lucky to have stumbled upon your product."  

                                                -Laura O.

"I picked up a sample in Sequim to try on a friend with severe upper back pain and WOW complete pain relief for 2 days. Is it available in Seattle? I suggest you sell to PCC grocery outlets! The whole long chain... !

Thank you!"​    


NOTE: The statements above are given by actual customers, however individual results may vary.




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Next time you have a minor injury occur, try applying U.P.F.™ and see if it helps to relieve some of the pain.

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